What is Reiki?


What is Reiki? Reiki, (pronounced like "ray-key") is a Japanese healing technique that focuses on the vital life source energy that flows through all of us. The word "Reiki" literally means (Rei) "universal life"  and (KI) "energy".

All living things have energy, and energy needs to be balanced. Many of you may have heard of some other energy balancing practices such as yoga, meditation, tai chi etc. Reiki is just another form of energy balancing. 

Reiki is one way for us to connect to our higher self and connect to the things around us in a more meaningful way. Years ago, our ancestors used many various techniques to connect with the world and earth around us. In this day and age, we are challenged with competing tasks and distractions that make connecting to our inner light and the beauty of this life more difficult at times. 

Reiki is one way to recenter our focus and reconnect with our life in a more meaningful way.

As alive beings, we all are given the power to heal ourselves. Sometimes we just don't know exactly how to access this power. Reiki teaches us how to channel energy is a particular way to heal ourselves through touch and positive thought process. Since we were little kids, we were aware of the healing power of touch. For instance, when we fell and our mother would give our boo-boo a kiss and it felt better, that was one way to bring loving energy to a place that hurt. 

That simple example provides a basic demonstration of how we can channel loving energy (Reiki) and help heal physical, mental and emotional boo-boos.

Reiki is a powerful healing tool that incorporates both ancient mindfulness practice and modern day science. Reiki has been researched and proven to have several benefits, and even has shown to help with burnout for nurses and care givers.

Reiki is a tool for holistic health and physical, mental and spiritual growth. Reiki is something that ALL of us have access to. Reiki (universal life energy source) is something anyone can use and anyone can learn. 

Reiki is not trademarked and is available to EVERYONE, all you need is the motivate and desire to access it, and it's yours.


we all have the power to heal ourselves.

Reiki is available to you at all times.