Welcome to the Club.


Welcome to the club.



We are so happy to have you!

Before getting started, I just want to thank you for sharing your TIME and ENERGY here with us at hold your healing.

I am so thrilled you have decided to include us in your spiritual journey.

To get started, I want to clarify our mission here for you. Our goal is to help you learn to incorporate healing practice into your lifestyle, however they suit YOU best. This project is about helping YOU make the most of your day to day interactions, while reducing the stress and negative thoughts that can take away from your experience. 

Our blogging topics vary quite a bit and that's because LIFE and STRESSFUL SITUATIONS range so so drastically. I blog about the things I am currently experiencing, things I once experienced or things I currently am seeing others experience. From there, I utilize the principles of my training in Reiki, Gem Stone Therapy, Meditation, and Soul Realignment® to help you see and think about these situations in a therapeutic and less stressful way, so you can in turn, reduce the amount of stress in your life and cope with whatever comes your way. (To read more about the foundation of hold your healing project, click here.)

We also welcome ideas for blogging with open open arms. Again, this blog is for YOU, so please, send me your thoughts, topics etc. you'd like to see blogged on here at our Dear Universe form.

Besides the blog, I also offer classes for training in reiki, meditation and gem stone therapy.  I also offer Soul Realignment® readings. Please contact us or email us at holdyourhealing@gmail.com directly for inquiries. 

There is no right way to navigate this! Read as you go, subscribe to new posts, follow me on instagram, inquire for a class or a reading, ask us questions, tell your friends, or just visit our page from time to time.


Healing energy always comes to you at the right time- YOUR TEACHER FINDS YOu. 

go with the flow & take hold of your healing. 

Enjoy the process,

Máireád, BSN, RN, RMT