About hold your healing

Hold Your Healing is a mental, social and emotional health project designed to help you achieve holistic wellness and peace, despite the hurdles in your life.

Our blogs and energy services teach you to practice a healing mindset based on the evidence based practice of Mind-Body Therapies (MBTs).


This project is in response to two things;

  • The fundamental need for self care and coping tools to address the negativity that can consume us in our global community.

  • The lack of compassion fatigue and burn out prevention resources for our caregivers (parents of unwell children, RNs, MDs, LPNs, PAs, NPs, nursing students etc.)

The Inspiration/ how this all came to be...

Hold your Healing was founded in 2016. As a nursing student, Resident Assistant and nursing assistant in several clinical settings, I recognized the strong need for stress-reduction techniques. Stress was the common thread that seemed to effect the lives of everyone I knew; my residents, my peers, my colleagues, my patients, my family, my friends, and myself. 

In my junior year of nursing school, during finals week, I realized the true power of stress on health. During this time I entered into a state of an "autoimmune flare" that lasted for a year and a half. Through many many admissions, failed medication trials and a new diagnosis of a rare autoimmune condition, I realized the true detrimental affects that untreated stress can have on our health. After finding Reiki, meditation, acupuncture, Soul Realignment® etc., I was able to better manage my health. From that day on, I knew I needed to share my story and this healing tool.

I hope to utilize my experience as a Registered Nurse (in a pediatric ER and community health clinic), Reiki Master Trainer and Soul Realignment® Practitioner with certifications in Gem Stone Therapy and Meditation to help others recognize the gift of their own power to heal and feel better.

Just as importantly, as a daughter, friend, sister, sunshine lover, a Leo (for better or for worse), millennial, and an autoimmune disease patient, I hope to help you understand how to ride the wave of the ups and downs of daily life and practice this healing mindset in a practical way!

Universal love and light that is available to you at all times. It is time to take hold of your healing. Come join us in the mission to heal yourself, heal others and heal the world.
— The Team at Hold Your Healing

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